Bowed Radio at the Center Of The World
Center Of The World, OH, USA

Drive east on Ohio route 82 out of Cleveland en route to Warren and you'll come across a small unincorporated town called Center Of The World.

The town was founded by eccentric investor Randall Wilmott - father of the famed Pennsylvania Congressman David Wilmott - who planned for it to become a major industrial center for Northeast Ohio. When the railroads came to the area, it was nearby Warren, Ohio that got the railroad contracts. Local population and industry promptly moved to be near the local railroad hub, causing Center Of the World and many other communities to disappear, leaving only their geographic boundaries.

Center Of The World is like an airport -- you are not supposed to stay here longer than you have to. No cultural center exists here at all, apart from a tavern called The Lucky Inn that serves fried chicken and spirits -- not even a church or a school. And all local signage serves to direct you outward. Apart from the Lucky, there's a tax preparer, a gun shop, a gas station, and a furniture store. Three out of ten commercial buildings here have been abandoned. That said, there are many beautiful and well-kept homes clustetred here - I would estimate the residential population here at about 300.

I have been absolutely fascinated by this place ever since I heard that it existed.

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Mark Allender
Host-Producer, Bowed Radio
8 Sept, 2007

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Lucky Inn, Center of the World, OH
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